Our Favorite Supplement to Boost Energy & Fight Fatigue

You eat well, you exercise, you get enough sleep, but you still feel fatigued. You’re probably asking yourself, why am I always so tired? The truth is, modern day life is a balancing act between work, family commitments, fun, friends, vacations and personal time. Sometimes the caffeine in that cup of coffee or tea just doesn’t cut it. You may need an extra boost of energy whether it’s to help you make it through the day, get revved up for the gym or power through that mid-afternoon slump. 

Meet our favorite energy nutrient: L-carnitine. 

Taken as a daily supplement, not only does L-carnitine help the body produce energy, it also provides important benefits for things like muscle movement, brain and heart function. Commonly found in food like red meat, L-carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps maintain overall good health by transferring long-chain fatty acids (like triglycerides) into mitochondria so that it can be oxidized to produce energy. Naturally supplementing to obtain optimal levels has been shown to reduce fatigue. 

An added bonus? It may even help you get lean. While it isn’t a weight-loss elixir, carnitine does enable cells to convert fat into energy. Also positive, it removes the toxic by-products of energy production from cells.

While there isn’t a specific government-recommended daily intake of this supplement, given the fact that most of us aren’t able to eat a perfect diet, the probability is that we are lacking at least a few of the required nutrients we need. In order to produce carnitine naturally, the body needs ample amounts of vitamin C, iron, niacin, and vitamin B, as well as lysine and methionine. Thus, this supplement can make a great addition to your daily routine to ensure your energy levels stay high and that you’re ready to tackle the day!

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